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Monica Luque (Suarez)

I really enjoyed working with you. Your team and you did a wonderful job all around, from producing great pictures to marketing my place through various channels, and guiding me through the sale process.

If I ever have a place to sell again I'll be in touch.

Mirja Renner

Monica and her team helped us sell two apartments in New York last year, one of which was at 110 Livingston in Brooklyn. The service we received was excellent and the results achieved (both in terms of price and speed of execution) were beyond our expectations. Monica and her team took care for us of the myriad of small details needed to successfully complete any New York real estate transaction - making the process as seamless as possible, which is especially important for us as we live abroad in Dubai. I wholeheartedly recommend Monica and her team to anyone willing to sell or buy a place in New York.

Rodolphe Pellerin
National Partner
Dechert LLP

Thank you for your help!You are amazing made the process a success A most valuable part of teamKeithSeller 210 West 74th Street

We closed! After losing six months with another broker who did absolutely nothing we hired Monica to sell our property. From our very first meeting Monica’s professionalism and expertise came shining through and we knew we were with the right person. Monica said that she would sell our property by the end of the year and sure enough we were on our way to contract the very last week of 2017 and closed at the beginning of April just as planned. There were bumps along the way (as can be expected) but in fact she persisted and always maintained an extremely positive outlook.If I had other properties to sell (or buy) I would without question work with Monica - and so should you.

Melanie Ress

“Monica managed every project as if it were her own (or from a close relative). She takes care of every detail to make the process painless and smooth. Achieving solid economics returns and most importantly, satisfying the practical and emotional expectations”

Rodrigo Ferrari(Seller 201 West 74 St. NYC)

Endorsement from Mr. Cliff Shikler

After a thorough search of NY based realtors, we were fortunate to have chosen the hardest working person in real estate. Monica Luque and her talented team at Douglas Elliman worked without pause to find and secure the right buyer for our beloved childhood home. Every stage of the process was embraced with enthusiasm, respect and professionalism. Her energy is without limits and her results speak for themselves. I whole-heartedly recommend and endorse Monica Luque for anyone entering the NY real estate market.

-- Clifford Shikler
44 West 77th Street

To whom it may concern,

I have worked with Monica Luque for the last several months on the sale of my apartment and the purchase of a new one. While trepidations and hesitant to get started as an inexperienced seller/buyer, the process has proven to be painless and actually enjoyable - attributable to Monica and her deep experience and knowledge of the market, and her tough negotiating mixed with easy-going, 'never let them see you sweat' style. The most notable quality that made her the perfect broker for me was her 'touch', taking me through each step and knowing when to urge and encourage me, without ever pushing me.

Because of Monica I am in contract on my apartment for a record price (for that line) within a few weeks of my first open house, and in contract on the purchase of my new one as well! I recognize timing doesn't always align, but for me it has, and I owe it all to a little bit of luck and a lot to Monica and her team. She's been a terrific partner, ally, and cheerleader.

I'd be happy to provide any further thoughts or address specific questions directly.


Caroline Chun

Managing Director, Chief of Staff & Head of Business Management

TIAA | Financial Services

I am writing to highly recommend Monica Luque, a real estate broker at Douglas Elliman. I have known Ms. Luque for a number of years and have worked with her on previous occasions. Indeed, I recently closed a deal with Ms. Luque at 20 Bayard St in Williamsburg and she was stupendous.

Further still, Ms. Luque took an active role this past spring in the organizing an amazing fundraiser event for Kidsave which I had the privilege of attending.

Ms. Luque’s other great commitment is to her family. She is a loving and attentive mother and her daughter is wonderfully smart, polite, and interesting. Ms. Luque is collaborative, intelligent, loyal, and has the highest integrity.



To Whom it May Concern,

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Monica Luquefor the last 6 years. We are owners of an apartment in the building at464 west 44"' Street. Monica has consistently brought us respectableand responsible rental clients. Her tenacity and follow through isadmirable I would recommend her for your building.

If you need further info I can be reached at (352)258-9757.


Darcy D Terrell
421 Ocean Shore Blvd
Ormond Beach, FL 32176

I met Monica Luque through a wonderful organization called KidSave, when were bothinvolved on the committee planning their New York City fundraising event. I quicklycame to admire Monica for her dedication and hard work for KidSave and we becamefast friends. Most recently, my girlfriend and I hired Monica to sell my girlfriend's Co Opin Manhattan. Monique did an outstanding job for us in every way! Monica is a warm,caring and generous person who is not only a great professional but a good friend. Iwholeheartedly recommend Monica and her family as a member of your residentialcommunity.

Judd W. McArthur

Querida Mónica:

Te escribo para darte las gracias por tu trabajo; ha sido extraordinaria la manera en que me acompañaste en la búsqueda de mi apartamento: llena de entusiasmo, directa, precisa, perseverante, enérgica y efectiva. Quiero resaltar el entusiasmo porque me parece cualidad fundamental en la consecución de cualquier empeño y porque se asocia indisolublemente con la calidez y la simpatía que te caracterizan.

Otra cosa de resaltar y que me ayudó mucho a la hora de tomar la decisión final fue la solidez de tus conocimientos en el campo, atestiguada por la información detallada y precisa que me suministraste y la determinación con la que te resolviste a la tarea de ayudarme a encontrar lo que mejor se ajustara a mis necesidades y expectativas.
Porque me ayudaste a alcanzar mi sueño, mil, mil, mil gracias!

Un fuerte abrazo,

(Buyer at The Ansonia)

I had the pleasure to be represented by Monica Luque during the purchase of a condo in Harlem. This was a very complicated transaction as the property was a short sale. Monica walked me to the process with great professionalism, patience and compassion and held me steady when I was discouraged. We finally closed last month after many months, and I cannot be happier for having such a great ally on my side. I plan to keep coming back to her for advise in any real estate matter I might need in the future. Thank you Monica!
Carmen Melendez

I feel honored that Ms. Monica Luque has asked me to provide a recommendation for her website at Douglas Eliman. My name is Violy Mccausland and I am the CEO and founder of Violy & Co., a multi-service investment banking boutique that was founded in 2003. Violy & Co. has offices in New York and Bogota, Colombia, as well as affiliate locations in Chile, Peru and the Caribbean.

One thing I admire in Monica is the ability to be always willing to help her clients in many ways and always putting them first before herself or off the commission that she will gain. Her professional qualities of honesty and perseverance, I believe will take her a long way. Because of her honesty and hard work I gave her the “mandate” of selling my apartment at 44 West 77th street in NYC. She took extra time to stage it, to work within our complicated personal schedules and even take my husband to look for places to rent while the one we were moving was ready. Monica was able to find a buyer the board welcomed into the coop and we were able to close successfully.

If I can provide further insight into Ms. Luque’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me.
Violy McCausland-Seve
Violy & Co.

May 28, 2013

Deborah Kim

Testimonial for Moniqa Luqe

I came to work with Monica when she proactively reached out in response to an advertisement that I had posted on my building bulletin. I was currently dealing with a broken lease and was in a rush to find a new tenant. Monica introduced the idea of renting my unit furnished, at short-term leases – something I had never considered before or knew much about. At first, I was hesitant but was quickly convinced by Monica’s confidence and experience, as well as the fact that she had already a client in mind. As I am new to the role of being a landlord, Monica has been a great resource who has managed my concerns and questions patiently throughout the process. As a result of her innovative approach, I was able to find a tenant quickly and at a great price.

By way of introduction, I am a producer at ABC News and have been with the company for 15 years. For over the past five years, I have been working at “Good Morning America”, as Sam Champion’s producer, the show’s weather anchor. 

On the side, I’ve also been running a small rental real estate business in Manhattan, with two rental units that I owned.  Last year, however, I decided I wanted to make a change with my units, but wasn’t quite sure what change I wanted to make. The downturn in the New York real estate market making me pessimistic of any opportunities for profit.

Enter Monica Luque, who quite simply, changed not only my real estate holdings, but also my life!  I’d been considering other brokers, but when I met Monica, I knew she was the one to guide me into the next phase of my real estate career. Her professionalism, experience and enthusiastic attitude were clear to me from the start.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my apartments and was limited in my vision of their potential. But after meeting with me and seeing my first apartment, Monica quickly set me straight: seeing great potential for profit that I had never realized. In a market of historic lows, Monica managed to sell my first apartment quickly, at a price far above I ever thought I could fetch for it. Plus, through her dogged determination, she even got a bidding war going on the unit!
She also opened my eyes up to the idea of trading to an even better piece of real estate that I myself could live in. She found me a unit of incredible value and a mortgage broker who could make it all happen. I never would have thought that possible without Monica’s good counsel and remarkable vision.

Since then, she’s even found a buyer for my second rental apartment, which was far more challenging than the first. But through her patience and persistence, Monica managed to woo several interested parties, finally locking in a buyer at a very fair price for me.

Not only does she maintain a positive attitude, but she’s also charming, patient and diplomatic. She makes the entire business of real estate, which can be onerous at times, enjoyable. I can wholeheartedly recommend her for any position in real estate.

Darcy Bonfils

Arina Yakobi

Arina is courteous, personable, a skillful negotiator and more knowledgeable aboutthe market than most. She has been 100% on top of the transaction from the beginning to the end and extended herself far beyond the call of duty.

Shona A.

I have known and worked with Arina for many years. She is hard-working, and a dedicated outstanding professional. When looking for a real estate agent for any transaction, look no further - you can't do better than Arina.

Philip J Hoffman
New York, NY

Dear Arina,

Please consider this letter as confirmation of my high opinion of your help in finding both the tenant and then the buyer for my apartment at 60 Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You were acting very professionally and helped in many respects of hi value transactions.

I would recommend you to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Thank you,
- ME

"My wife and I were introduced to Ms. Arina Yakobi when she was the listing agent for a condominium apartment we were interested in purchasing. As the agent for the seller she was not our advocate, but we noted her professionalism and forthright style.

After purchasing the apartment we decided to retain Ms. Yakobi as the agent to rent out the apartment for us until we would take possession.

Arina is extremely knowledgeable about the marketplace, pricing strategies, and has a keen eye for recognizing the appropriate client base. She is both extremely proactive, as well as quickly reactive to her client's needs. Arina quickly identified a very qualified renter, negotiated the full asking monthly rent and smoothly completed the entire leasing process in record time. We were extremely impressed with her abilities throughout the whole process. We would unqualifiedly recommend her."

Michael Lampert
Darlene Jody

" Arina Yakobi has found many suitable tenants for our apartment over the years. I feel she has great knowledge and perseverance in the real estate field. She has come through every time, and has gone beyond the call of duty. She gets my vote for the top real estate person."



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